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Building for the little guy.

AI automation - It'll put every customer service rep, Uber driver, waiter, and cashier out of work by 2032. Almost every task that can be done by a robot... will be. And in tomorrow's job market, recruiters hiring for entry and mid-level roles won't even consider these people. So where do they go? connects them with full-time jobs at non-profits doing work they actually care about. Work that provides a stable income and the chance to do something that matters.


Probably better than that boring desk job, and definitely better than McDonald's.

But what's in it for these non-profits? Right now, they can't seem to find or retain quality staff due to competition with for-profits offering better benefits and pay. So a focused talent pool of eager, career-transitioning workers who aren't obsessed with six-figure salaries? That's a goldmine. 

And us? We're just building an app where these workers and non-profit recruiters can find each other. 

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